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  • Z-1705-NE
Discover the new and powerful aluminum finish mobile holder. Compact and elegant... mehr
Produktinformationen "ALUMINIUM MOBILE HOLDER"

Discover the new and powerful aluminum finish mobile holder.

Compact and elegant design, easy installation and great stability.

The holder includes 5 powerful magnets inside, protected by a ?soft effect? silicone cover.

Its powerful magnets will provide great stability and security to your mobile device, even on roads with slopes or potholes.

In addition, its improved clip incorporates a layer of inside Anti-slip material that, next to the top of the upper part, will prevent the clamp from slipping from the ventilation outlet.

Its elongated design allows the clamp to be placed on the ventilation grille so that the phone is at the bottom, so it does not interfere with the air outlet of the duct.

It includes a self-adhesive metal plate to place it on the back of your mobile device. This board does not interfere with the proper functioning of your device, its use being totally safe. Includes presentation box.

Available in Silver and Black aluminum.

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